Writing is challenging. Many people feel that they cannot express their great ideas as vibrantly as they perceive them. It takes time and effort to clearly articulate thoughts and create a compelling narrative. That’s where I come in.

 I love editing. I enjoy working on a draft and tightening up the writing so that sentences are clear and concise, ideas are effectively conveyed, the narrative flows, and the author’s voice shines through.

 My goal is to present the author’s ideas in the best way possible. I read every word of a manuscript and clear it of grammatical errors and awkward writing. I ensure there are no misspellings or inappropriate words. I smooth transitions between sections and double-check references. I format the document to specified style guidelines and clean up footnotes and front and back matter.

A little tightening can make a big difference in your work. Let me help you polish your writing before you send it out into the world.



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