My mother was a librarian, and so I grew up in libraries. I worked in them and developed an affinity to books and organization. My father handed me a half-size violin that was hanging on his cousin’s wall and asked me if I’d like to play itI was eight years old at the time, and it was love at first sight. Later, I pursued my passion for ecology in college and graduate school. I integrated my disparate interests by enjoying a successful career in environmental policy and planning by day and playing fiddle in an American roots band by night.

During my environmental career, I edited and wrote policy and planning documents, technical reports and manuals, regulations, oral and written testimony, briefing papers, journal articles, and public outreach brochures. I became skilled at distilling and presenting technical information to policy makers. On the side, I edited papers, book chapters, resumes, cover letters, promotional materials, CD liner notes, website content, and grant proposals for friends and referrals, and wrote short feature articles for Acoustic Guitar magazine.

 In 2013, I decided to expand my professional editing and writing horizons. After completing the Professional Sequence in Editing certificate program at the University of California, Berkeley, I left my office job and went freelance. Since then, I have been working on all types of materials, serving as a copyeditor, developmental editor, proofreader, technical writer, and copywriter. I’m known for being well organized, professional, friendly, and meticulous in my work, and for delivering high-quality product on time.


I am equally proficient in creative and technical fields. While most of my experience is with nonfiction writing, I have also edited works of fiction. A fast learner, I am comfortable handling material in nearly any subject area. I am adept at helping specialty writers present their work to a broader audience and can develop and edit materials for a technical audience.

Musicians and artists: I speak your language. I have helped artists develop promotional materials and have written—and been awarded—arts council grants. I copyedit for a quarterly magazine about arts, culture, and life in Annapolis, Maryland.

Specialties: environment, air quality, climate change, energy efficiency, public health, music, arts, and culture

Member: Editorial Freelancers Association

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