Working with Leah has been a true honor! As a fledgling novelist, I was hesitant about engaging in the revising and editing processes. Leah’s patience and understanding during what can be a very vulnerable time were key in getting my manuscript to publication. Her intuition and acumen—knowing exactly what I meant to say and then guiding me to say it better—were amazing gifts that I truly hadn’t expected in the editing process. She worked diligently with me on a very ambitious, tight deadline, and her timeliness in turning work around kept me motivated and on schedule. I couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience in editing my manuscript and am thankful that I was able to work with such a skilled professional. Without a doubt, the writing I have sent out into the world is better because my path crossed with Leah’s.
— Tema Encarnación, Author, Arnold, MD
Leah is a rare gem in the editing community. She has created an art form out of intuiting what and how edits should be applied to a given work. Leah has worked with me on a couple of longstanding projects—an art and culture magazine and a luxury lifestyle magazine. Her work has consistently demonstrated her capacity for navigating the English language with precision and ease. She possesses genuine compassion for the writer’s voice and preserves the writer’s integrity in the editing process. I have worked with hundreds of writers and editors over my career, and Leah is the most skilled and heartfelt editor I’ve worked with to date. She is, after all, the reason I can now occasionally end a sentence with a preposition.
— Andrea Stuart, Editor, Bend, OR
I cannot imagine working with another editor. Leah has the rare qualities of meticulous attention to detail, superior knowledge (and love) of the language, and a refined artistic sensibility that engenders trust and joy. Leah only wants to get it right—always.
— Matt McConville, Author, Riva, MD
Leah has edited my website and professional letters. She has the ability not only to hone in on key words and details that clarify the message, but also to capture and enhance the overall tone of the text, all the while keeping it in my voice. She spent time talking me through the focus and desired outcome of each piece—in fact helping me determine what exactly those were. She trims away extraneous fat and makes the remaining language strong and effective. Leah is an absolute pleasure to work with!
— Lisa Richardson, Nonprofit Arts Administrator, Los Angeles, CA
Leah Weiss is an editor who understands and listens to her customer and delivers quality results. I hired Leah to revise a professional paper with which I had become very frustrated. She spent a considerable amount of time talking with me about the purpose and intent of the paper and checked in periodically with questions. The final piece was much improved, and she helped me to get over the hump and find my own voice again. Her attention to detail is impeccable as well. She quickly understood my audience, the professional jargon I was using, and my style of writing. Her prices are fair, the quality is superb, and she is a pleasure to work with.
— Dr. Molly Mee, Associate Professor of Education, Towson University, Towson, MD
Our organization hired Leah to develop an environmental policy piece that introduced a complex concept to a specific audience. We provided her with an initial draft that needed considerable attention. Leah’s work was exceptional—she reorganized the piece into a cohesive whole, asked insightful questions that helped to clarify the overarching concept and key messages, filled in gaps by either writing sections or identifying where additional text was needed, and meticulously edited the manuscript, while maintaining our voice and style. Leah worked very well with both our in-house policy and publications staff. She helped keep the project on course and delivered everything on time. We were pleased with the final product and have already started working with her on a series of follow-on papers.
— Kenneth A. Colburn, Senior Associate, U.S. Programs, The Regulatory Assistance Project, Montpelier, VT
Leah has worked on several promotional video projects with my company, acting as a copywriter for voiceover scripts and project storyboards. She is a delight to work with, as she remains very focused on the project goal and is a thoughtful editor of the message, tweaking to make sure it is perfectly and simply written and understood by the end user. She has helped tremendously with the growth of our video projects, adding an element of expertise and impressing clients with her clever and direct writing.
— Alison Harbaugh, Owner and Creative Director, Sugar Farm Productions, LLC, Annapolis, MD
Leah Weiss has edited and proofread several documents—including grants, professional correspondence, and proposals—pertaining to my work as a non-profit arts manager and executive director. With her meticulous editing, proofreading, and crosschecking skills, she caught numerous inconsistencies that would otherwise have been printed. She not only reads but also comprehends what she reads with intelligence. She cares! She was able to turn mundane language and word structure into artfully crafted and flowing finished documents, and deliver them right on time! Her attention to detail and her creative suggestions gave me cohesive and extraordinarily written finished products that resulted in grants and other positive outcomes.
— Pamela Stevens, Nonprofit Arts Administrator, Crownsville, MD
Leah has helped me more than you can ever imagine! I feel like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders, and I cannot wait to tell everyone I know about her! This has been one of the best decisions I have made for my business. She has a true gift and talent, not only in her editing skills but also in helping people find their voice.
— Suzanne Eden, Makeup Artist, Annapolis MD
Editing skills can be learned, but editing intuition is a gift, one which Leah demonstrated from the first day of her first editing class. It was a joy to watch her capability and confidence develop over the course of my class. She demonstrated a mastery in working with a variety of subjects, and chapters and articles targeted at both lay and professional audiences. Leah has a talent for choosing words that are precisely on point in rephrasing awkward sentences, and always takes care in preserving the voice of the author. This is the hallmark of a true editor.
— Anne Hill, M.A., PG Dip, Editing Instructor, University of California, Berkeley